To ensure the best printing quality, we recommend to use our specified cartridges and the
corresponding accessories. Any malfunction or poor printing quality caused by improper use of
inks or accessories which are not from Sojet will not be guaranteed.
Safety Precautions
High voltage inside the machine after electricity connection, Maintenance or disassembly by
unqualified or unprofessional person is strictly prohibited, in order to prevent any accidents.
Machine must be reliably grounded by connecting the grounding wire with the machine when install
equipment, wrong grounding will result in machine failure and the machine don’t work normally.
Do not expose ink directly under sunlight or high temperature (35 above). The heat of direct
sunlight or high temperature will affect ink’s storage life and printing quality.
If get ink spill on the eyes or skin, please wash your eyes or skin with clean water.
Ink leakage inside printer will cause burnout damage to machine. Switch off the machine and
unplug it from power outlet when ink leakage inside printer. Contact qualified service technician for
test and repair.
Warning Signs
Caution: The sign “ ” indicates possible damage to hardware of inkjet printer or data loss.
Attention: The sign “ ” indicates important notes helpful for your trouble-free operation
Please read manual carefully before you use our inkjet printers.
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