Delete: Select the data format can be deleted. The default format cannot be deleted
Closing date format management: Click on close, out of date format management interface and save
existing format.
Expiry date: If only want to add a production date, user may need to set the expiry day to 0; expiry
time can switch from day, week, month, year, value within 0-999.
Calendar type: Gregorian/ Hirji
Pre-zero: 4 choices: 2015/01/01, 2015/_1/_1, 2015/1_/1_, 2015/1/1
Source name: maximum 30 characters, Chinese and English characters, numbers, symbols, name
cannot be blank or overlapped, or cannot be saved.
Zero Setting:
New source>Date Time>Other
First enable the Zero Setting.
Input the time (hour: 0-23; minute: 0-59)
Then click the switch button again to get off this setting.
Day Light Saving:
New source>Date Time>Other
User can select from OFF, Europe or America.
Click to save and return.
Create Text object and add date time source.
How to create a Text object and add date time source into it, please refer to Create Text Object
Save Message
Please refer to Save Message
4.1.5 Add Counter (Refer to the video Add Counter)
Add counter source
Message>New>New Source>Counter
Click Edit
Initial Value: begin value of the counter, range from -999999999999+999999999999
Maximum Value: Maximum value, range from -999999999999+999999999999
Repeat Value: range 09999
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