Rotation: Input range 0-359, also can click buttons to adjust.
Mirror: There are None, Horizontal mirror, Vertical mirror three options, click the drop-down
button to expand
Gradation: Printing darkness can be set within 10-100%.
It can be set to Chinese, English, numbers and symbols; cannot exceed 30 characters, empty and
rename with added object are not allowed.
Finally click Return to save the text object, return to new data interface of previous level.
Save Data
After create text object, return to new interface, click again, then enter to data name setting
interface, you can input Chinese, English, numbers, symbols, third-party language, data name no more than
30 characters; Empty and rename with added data are not allowed.
After entering data name, click in the upper right corner, the system will prompt data save
successfully, then return to main interface! Click , won’t save, and then return to data interface.
Error data content (data red), the system will prompt an error, you can save after normal
Add shortcut text, please refer to the video add shortcut text
4.1.4 Add Date/Time Refer to the video Add Date/Time
Create Date/Time source (production date, expiry date)
Message>New>New source>Date Time
Select format: select format from the menu, system has 5 default formats, user can define totally 45
types. The default ones cannot be deleted or modified, default formats include: YYYYMMDD,
YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, HH:mm, Julian day.
Add new format: if user wants to add a new format or modify an exist one, click , popup date
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