New Text Objects
New object>Text
The default display text content (EXAMPLE TEXT)
Built Source List: Display the newly built source of this data, Default-Text Default-Counter
Default-ShiftDefault-Date time are fixed “source” which can be added directly; The list shows
up to 50 sources which can drop-down slider to view.
New Source: Click New, popup source type, and enter new create interface after selection,
it will display inBuilt Source Listafter saving, and can use directly.
Edit Source: Select the source which you want to modify in theBuilt Source List, click
Edit source, popup corresponding source setting interface.
Add the “Source” to the object: Select the “source” which want to add in the built source list,
click side Add,then will add automatically to the preview interface and added list.
Note: Maximum can add 50 “sources”.
Added Source List: Display current source of object which has been added in order.
Adjust the sources order of object: Select “source” of list, click Prev. Nextto adjust
Delete “source” of object: Select source which need to be deleted in the added source list first,
then click side button Delete, a key to delete.
Click Shortcut, switch to quick input interface. You can input Chinese, English, numbers,
symbols, and third-party language, 100 characters limited. (Note: If you have already added the source
in Routine interface, then the input is invalid.)
source list
source list
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