ClickTools>Upgrade>Software, click the button Upgrade to enter the list of upgrade
Find your required upgrade installation package in the list, click the in the upper right corner,
then you can upgrade.
After upgrade successfully, the device will restart automatically, you can check whether the software
version is what you need by Setting>About
Different printer only can be upgraded with corresponding install package, please take care in case of
wrong upgrade.
If installation package is not in the right specified path, click the button to enter the other
folders, select the right upgrade package to upgrade. Please refer to how to upgrade language, fonts and
input method.
3.4 How to Import / Export Data, Images, and Set Parameters
3.4.1 Data recovery/ Image / Print parameters / System parameters (Refer to video
“recovery” )
Save the backup file under the U disk path (Inkjet/backup/), insert U disk, and clickTools>Backup
Select required recovery backup file from drop down list.
Check recovery method, you can only choose one corresponding method, If you don’t choose, it
won’t recover corresponding type.
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