There is a red and a green LED located on the top of the scanner. When the
scanner is on, the flashing or constant, illumination of the LEDs indicates the
status of the current scan and the scanner.
No Red LED Illumination of the LEDs will not occur if the scanner has
remained dormant for a specified time and the scanner is
not receiving power from the host. To reactivate the unit,
direct the output window up then down toward the object.
Red Flash;
Green Flash;
Steady Red
When the scanner first receives power, the red LED will
flash, followed by the green LED, and then the unit will
beep once. The red LED will stay on after it flashes once.
Steady Red When the laser is on, the red LED will be on. This occurs
when an object is detected in the scan field. If the scanner
cannot detect a bar code within approximately 2.5 seconds,
the unit will go into standby mode then the red LED will
shut off indicating that the laser is no longer on.
Steady Red
LED; Green
When the scanner successfully reads a bar code, the green
LED will flash and the unit will beep once. If the green LED
does not flash or the scanner does not beep, then the bar
code was not successfully read.
Repetitive Red
LED Flashing
The red LED will flash repeatedly when the IR sensor is
detecting a stationary object in the scan field.
To eliminate this disturbance, direct the scan window
toward a different location or remove the stationary object
from the IR field.
Steady Green
After a successful scan, the scanner transmits the data to
the host device. When the host is not ready to receive the
information, the green LED will remain on until data can
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