Symptom Possible Cause(s) Solution
RS232 Only
The host is
receiving data but
the data does not
look correct.
The scanner and host
may not be configured
for the same interface.
Check that the scanner and
the host are configured for
the same interface.
Characters are
being dropped.
The intercharacter delay
needs to be added to
the transmitted output.
Add some intercharacter
delay to the transmitted
output by using the
MetroSelect Configuration
Guide (MLPN 00-02407B).
Aux Port Operation With Any Interface
The secondary
scanner is not
Refer to the user’s guide
provided with the secondary
Cable (MLPN 54-54667)
may not be connected
to the proper port.
Ensure that the secondary
scanner is connected to the
MS2020 com port marked
“Aux” port.
* The MS2020 series must
be programmed to enable
the auxiliary port.
The secondary
scanner powers
up but data is not
relayed to the
host. The auxiliary com port
may not be operating
properly. The auxiliary input port’s data
format must match the main
output format of the
secondary scanner.
* Use MetroSet.
For the auxiliary interface, choose “HoloTrak Decode”
All remaining parameters will be automatically chosen.
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