When the scanner first receives power the white LED will flash, the blue LED will
turn on and the scanner will beep once (the white LED will remain on for the
duration of the beep). The scanner is now ready to scan.
When a Stratos scanner is first powered up, it cycles through a number of self-
tests before starting normal operation. If there are any initial failures during this
sequence of tests the scanner will beep or razz to indicate the error and an error
code will appear in the diagnostic indicator display.
The following are examples of the types of tests performed at power-up.
1. Memory tests
2. Hardware setup tests
3. Motor tests
4. Laser tests
5. Configuration tests
6. Interface tests
7. Scale tests (MS2020 Models Only)
These tests are also performed on a periodic basis with the operator alerted to
any failures.
All MS2020 series scanners have been configured at the factory with a set of
default communication protocols. Since many host systems have unique formats
and protocol requirements, Metrologic provides a wide range of configurable
features that may be selected with the use of the MetroSelect® Configuration
Guide (MLPN 00-02407) or MetroSet.
For a complete list of the factory default settings, refer to the Default Settings
section of this guide.
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