SW1 and SW2 are the switch banks inside the CheckPoint Device that set the
deactivation range. The following is a list of CheckPoint recommended switch
bank settings.
Base Model CheckPoint Recommended Switch Bank Settings
MS2020 SW1 & SW2 switches 1 and 6 set to ON
MS2021 SW1 & SW2 switches 1 and 6 set to ON
MS2022 SW1 & SW2 switches 1 and 6 set to ON
All models have a connector (marked EAS In) on the bottom of the scanner.
Metrologic has available for purchase an EAS cable for connection between the
scanner/scale and the Checkpoint Device (optional accessory, MLPN 52-52511A).
Figure 40. EAS Cable Connection (Bottom of Stratos)
The following figure shows the location of the EAS deactivation area for Stratos.
It is important to pass the entire tag through this area to deactivate the security
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