Manufacturers Note:
Plugging the scanner into the serial port of the PC does not guarantee
that scanned information will appear at the PC. A software driver and
correct configuration settings are also required for proper
communication to occur.
7. Steps 7 through 9 are for MS2020 scanner/scales using dual cable interfaces
where the scale is connected to the host with a separate communication
cable. If your Stratos model does not include a scale skip to step 10.
Connect the scale/host cable to the 1st 10-pin socket on the bottom of the
scanner next to the 3-pin Molex plug. Refer to figure 39 on page 52.
8. Connect the other end of the scale/host cable to the host device.
9. Connect the optional remote display cable to the 2nd 10-pin socket on the
bottom of the scanner near the 3-pin Molex plug.
10. Connect the external power supply to the 3-pin Molex plug on the bottom of
the scanner farthest away from the serial number label.
Check the AC input requirements of the power supply to make sure
the voltage matches the AC outlet. The outlet should be located
near the equipment and be easily accessible.
11. Connect AC power to the Stratos transformer and the secondary scanner if
Caution: To maintain compliance with applicable standards, all circuits
connected to the scanner must meet the requirements for
SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) according to EN/IEC 60950.
To maintain compliance with standard CSA C22.2 No.
60950/UL 60950 and norm EN/IEC 60950, the power source
should meet applicable performance requirements for a
limited power source.
12. Configure the MS2020 for the appropriate interface configuration settings*.
* The MS2020/host cable connection is interface dependent. Refer
to the installation steps provided for the type of interface
(RS232, IBM 46xx, etc.) required for your application.
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