Stratos’ auxiliary port will support 5VDC devices with a 150mA maximum
current. If the auxiliary device exceeds this specification an external
power supply will be required to power the auxiliary device.
The following Metrologic scanners can receive power from Stratos:
the MS9520, MS9540, and the MS5145.
1. Turn off the host system.
2. Connect the round end of the RS232 AUX cable to the RS232 socket of the
secondary scanner (see figure 39 on page 52).
3. Connect the other end of the RS232 AUX cable to the 3rd 10-pin socket on
the bottom of the MS202x, near the serial number label.
Important: The MS2020 series’ aux port requires the signals; transmit,
receive, RTS & CTS from the secondary scanner.
4. This step is required for secondary devices that require >5VDC and/or
150mA current to operate. Skip to step 5 if the secondary device requires
Plug the power supply into the secondary scanner’s PowerLink cable
(MLPN 54-54667).
Check the AC input requirements of the power supply to make sure
the voltage matches the AC outlet. The outlet should be located
near the equipment and be easily accessible.
5. Connect the MS2020/Host interface* cable to the appropriate jack on the
bottom of the MS2020.
6. Connect the other end of the MS2020/Host interface cable to the host.
Before continuing verify that the interface* cable is connected to the
appropriate jack on the scanner. An incorrect cable connection can
cause communication problems or potential damage to the scanner.
* The MS2020/host cable connection is interface dependent. Refer
to the installation steps provided for the type of interface
(RS232, IBM 46xx, etc.) required for your application.
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