The Meteor program is a functional component of Metrologic’s new line of Flash-
based scanners. This program allows the user of a Metrologic scanner to quickly
upgrade to a new or custom version of software. It requires the use of a personal
computer running under Windows 95 or greater and the use of a communication
port. The user merely connects the scanner to a communications port of the PC,
launches the Meteor program, and blasts off to new software upgrades.
Each MS9500, regardless of the version number or communication protocol, can
be upgraded. In other words, all RS232 (-41), keyboard wedge (-47), light pen
(-41), laser emulation (-00), OCIA (-9) and IBM 468X/469X (-11) units can be
upgraded. To upgrade all units, a power supply and PowerLink cable
(MLPN 54-54012) are required.
The upgrades and custom software versions will be supplied by Metrologic in
files called Motorola S-record files. These files contain all the information needed
to upgrade the scanner. Simply add this file to the working directory or retrieve
from its current location.
The program guides the user with its simplistic one click approach. The user
must first select the file; once selected and verified, the file is ready to be used in
the upgrade. Press the button to upgrade the scanner, the unit will go into a
“flash mode” – both the green and red LEDs will be on. The user can follow the
progress of the upgrade by watching the screen for details. When the upgrade is
complete, the scanner will respond with its normal one beep on power up. If two
beeps occur, the scanner did not upgrade properly. (Contact Metrologic for
additional details).
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