1. Turn off the PC.
2. Connect the 10-pin RJ45 male connector
into the jack on the Voyager or the
VoyagerCG. You will hear a ‘click’ when
the connection is made.
3. Connect the L-shaped plug of the power
supply into the power jack on the
PowerLink cable.
If the scanner is receiving
power from the host system,
skip to step #5.
4. Make sure the AC input requirements of
the power supply match the AC outlet.
Connect the power supply into an AC
outlet. The outlet should be near the
equipment and easily accessible.
5. Disconnect the keyboard from the PC.
6. The PowerLink cable is terminated with a
5-pin DIN female connector on one end,
and a 6-pin mini DIN male on the other.
Metrologic will supply an adapter cable
with a 5-pin DIN male connector on one
end and a 6-pin mini DIN female
connector on the other. According to the
termination required, connect the appropriate end of the adapter cable to the
PowerLink cable, leaving the necessary termination exposed for connecting
to the keyboard and the keyboard port on the PC.
7. Connect to the PowerLink cable to the keyboard and the keyboard port on
the PC.
8. Power up the PC.
Powering the MS9520-47/MS9540-47 directly from the computer can sometimes
cause interference with the operation of the scanner or the computer. Not all
computers supply the same current through the keyboard port, explaining why a
scanner would work on one computer and not another. Contact a Metrologic
Customer Service Representative if you require an external power supply.
To maintain compliance with applicable standards, all circuits connected to the scanner must
meet the requirements for SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) according to EN 60950.
To maintain compliance with standard CSA C22.2 No. 950/UL 1950 and norm EN 60950, the
power source should meet applicable performance requirements for a limited power source.
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