Metrologic's Cubit® Series of compact omnidirectional bar code scanners
includes the MS6520 for retail applications and the IS6520 for OEM applications.
Both Cubit models have several key product features including:
Fully Automatic Scanning Operation
Single Cable Interface To Host
PowerLink Quick Disconnect User-Replaceable Cables
7 Beeper Tones
Programmable Depth Of Fields
Capable Of Scanning And Decoding All Standard Barcodes Including
Rss-14, RSS Limited And RSS Expanded Bar Codes
OPOS And JPOS System Compatible
Sunrise 2005 Compliant
The MS6520 is equipped with a tilt stand that can be mounted securely to the
countertop or wall for fixed -mount scanning. The multi-position stand has a
locking design that rotates the head of the MS6520 up to 64° making it perfect
for installation underneath check writing and credit card stands.
Since the IS6520 was designed to be part of an OEM product, it does not
include the tilt stand but instead is equipped with three (3) threaded mounting
holes on the back of the unit. The modular design of the IS6520 is versatile
enough for integration into a diversity of applications including kiosks, reverse
vending machines, time/attendance machines and price look-up systems.
A fixed vertical stand is also available for additional purchase. Please contact a
customer service representation at 1-800-ID-METRO for information.
Full RS232 and Light Pen Emulation
Keyboard Wedge, Stand Alone Keyboard and
RS232 Transmit/Receive
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