Default Settings
Many functions of the scanner can be "programmed" - that is, enabled or
disabled. The scanner is shipped from the factory programmed to a set of
default conditions. The default parameter of the scanner has an asterisk (*) in
the charts on the following pages. If an asterisk is not in the default column then
the default setting is Off or Disabled. Every communication does not support
every parameter. If the communication supports a parameter listed in the charts
on the following pages, a check mark will appear.
Parameter Default RS232* Light
UPC/EAN *999
Code 128 *999
Code 93 *999
Codabar 999
Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF) *999
MOD 10 Check on ITF 999
Code 11 999
Code 39 *999
Full ASCII Code 39 999
MOD 43 Check on Code 39 999
MSI-Plessey 999
MSI-Plessey, 10/10 Check Digit 999
MSI-Plessey, MOD 10 Check Digit *999
Paraf Support 999
ITF Symbol Lengths Variable 999
Minimum Symbol Length 4999
Symbol Length Lock None 999
Bars High as Code 39 *9
Spaces High as Code 39 9
Bars High as Scanned 9
Spaces High as Scanned 9
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