Creator Compact
Ordercode: 50729
The front panel consists of four areas:
3.2 Fixture area
including 16 <Fixture> buttons, <A |B> button and <13 - 24> button. This controller can control 32
Output port selection button. There are two port within Creator Compact, DMX A and DMX B. Each port
can output 384 channels, and operate 16 fixtures. While LED is dark, we can operate A port’s fixtures.
While LED is light, we can operate B port’s fixtures.
[13 - 24]
Each fixture can control 24 channels. But there are just 12 sliders on the Creator Compact. So we can
change t [1-12] and [13-24] by this button. While LED is dark, we can control [1-12] channels. While LED is
light, we can control [13-24] channels.
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