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5 Fixture Control
5.1 Fixture control in Programming Mode
Set the controller to Programming Mode (inactivate the <Run> button).
Select/de-select a single fixture: Press a <Fixture> button, if the LED indicator is on, the fixture is
selected. Otherwise, it is de-selected.
Select/de-select a series of fixtures: Holding down the <Fixture> button for the first fixture in the range,
then pressing the <Fixture> button for the last fixture.
Change channel value: Once a fixture is selected, the 12 channels data of the 1st selected fixture
will be shown in the LCD screen. When at 24CH mode, press Page 1 on the left-bottom corner for
CH1-12 and Page 2 for CH13-24.
LCD display:
Move the sliders to adjust the outputs. The LCD will show the values in real time. The values by the sliders
will be stored in the programmer with the highest priority to output. Those channels that have been set
will be shown in blue with a white background in the LCD.
Clear the programming status of a single channel:
In the 1st level menu, press <Clear> and move the channel slider, then, the channel of the selected
fixture is cleared from programmer.
Clear the programming status of a fixture:
In the 1st level menu, press <Clear> and the desired <Fixture> button, then, the fixture is cleared from
Clear all the data in the programming cache:
In the 1st level menu, press <Clear> twice, all the data in the programmer will be cleared.
Press <Blackout> to activate its LED indicator flashing, then, all the channels will output 0; Press
<Blackout> again to inactivate its LED indicator, then, the output will recovered.
USE Wheel to control Pan/Tilt:
Patch the channel to [T] or [P], then selects the fixture. Now you can control P/T witch Wheel A and
Wheel B.
4.2 Fixture control in Running Mode
In Running Mode, press a desired <Fixture> button, the dimmer channels of the fixture will be output at
the maximum values.
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