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4.2 Setup
1) In Programming Mode (the <Run> button should be inactivated), open the main menu, then press
<Patch > to enter the Patch Setup.
2) Under Patching menu, select the desired fixtures. The channel types of the 1st selected fixture’s 12
channels will be shown in the LCD screen. When at 24CH mode, press Page 1 on the left-bottom
corner for CH1-12 and Page 2 for CH13-24.
3) The first line of the display indicates the number of the channels, which are the first channel of other
4) Move the sliders to set the channel types. The LCD will show the changes in real time.
Each channel type can be set only one in each fixture, except “Instan” and “Fade”. If you patch one
type to many channels in a fixture, controller will set the type to the last number of the channels, others
will be set as “Instan”. Pay more attention in 13-24 channels.
5) Once the setup is finished, press <Enter> to save and exit; Or, press <Exit> to exit without saving.
LCD Display:
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