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3.3 Playback area
including 12 playback buttons, 2 page buttons and a 2-bit LED screen.
In Programming Mode (<Run> button inactivated), the <Playback> buttons are to implement the
functions of storing, deleting, editing, including and copying following the operations from the Control
area. In Running Mode, press a <Playback> button to flash scenes or chases, or stop/go chases step.
While chase is stop, the LED will flash.
There 5 playback pages in this controller. Each page can store 12 playbacks.
3.4 Slider area:
including 12 sliders and Run button.
Swap program and run mode. While the LED is dark, controller is in program mode. While the LED is light,
controller is in run mode. In Programming Mode, the sliders can be used to adjust the channel
values once a fixture is selected. In Running Mode, Raise slider up to run the playback. And pull it down
to close the playback. When the playback is running, the slider can be used to adjust the intensity of the
http Channel.
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