This guide provides information on the installation, setup and operation of the MS2221 and the MS2222 StratosS scanner only
models. If the MS2221 scanner has been integrated with a scale, please refer to the Scale Addendum for detailed
instructions on the appropriate cable connections, communication specifications and calibration procedures required by the
scale manufacturer and local Weights and Measures Authorities.
This manual is also available for download in Adobe® Acrobat® file format at www.metrologic.com/corporate/guides.htm.
Metrologic’s MS2221 and MS2222 StratosS models are designed to meet the demanding needs of high volume supermarket
and point-of-sale applications. With advanced features like 5-sided, 360° scanning, 5400 scans per second, a complex scan
zone and advanced decoding software, this high performance series of in-counter scanner/scale ready products guarantees
fast customer checkouts with minimal operator fatigue and stress. The StratosS is equipped with a multitude of standard
features including:
StratosSCAN™ – 5-sided, 360° scanning that minimizes product orientation
StratosSPHERE™ – Decoding software that reads poor quality and damaged bar codes
StratosSYNC™ – Horizontal and vertical scanning zones operate independently from one another
RSS-14 Decoding – Decodes RSS-14, RSS Limited and RSS expanded emerging symbologies
Flash ROM – Upgrade latest software enhancements on site
Powered Aux Port – Connect hand-held scanner for large or bulky items
Scale Ready Model – The MS2221 model is designed for custom scale integration
Loud Speaker – 3 volume/7 tone settings can be heard in all environments
Easy Configuration – Windows® based utility or simple bar code setup
Fully Automatic – “No touch” infrared wake up from power save modes
EAS Deactivation – Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) included
Field Replaceable Vertical Window – Quickly remove vertical window for cleaning or replacement
StratosSCOPE™ – Visual diagnostic indicator for easy-to read feedback on scanner condition
StratosSWAP™ – Modular optics engine technology – small, pre-aligned, field replaceable modules
StratosSCHOOL™ – Operator training software
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