Symptom Possible Cause(s) Solution
All Interfaces
Scanner beeps at some
bar codes and NOT form
others of the same bar
code symbology.
The print quality of the bar
code is suspect.
The type of printer and/or the printer settings could be the
Check the print mode or change the printer settings. For
example change to econo mode or high speed.
Check the character length
The aspect ratio of the bar
code is out of tolerance.
The unit powers up but
does not scan and/or
The unit is trying to scan a
particular symbology that is
not enabled.
UPC/EAN and Code 128 are enabled by default. Verify that
the type of bar code being read has been selected.
The unit has been
configured for a character
length lock or a minimum
length and the bar code
being scanned does not
satisfy the configured
Verify that the bar code that is being scanned falls into the
Typical of Non-UPC/EAN codes. The scanner defaults to a
minimum of 4 character bar code.
The unit beeps at some
bar codes but NOT for
others of the same bar
code symbology.
The bar code may have
been printed incorrectly. Check if it is a check digit, character or border problem.
The scanner is not
configured correctly for this
type of bar code.
Check if check digits are set properly.
The minimum symbol length
setting does not work with
the bar code.
Check if the correct minimum symbol length is set.
RS232 Only
The unit powers up OK
and scans OK but does
not communicate properly
to the host.
The com port at the host is
not working or is not
configured properly.
Check to make sure that the baud rate and parity of the
scanner and the communication port match and the program is
looking for RS232 data.
The cable is not connected
to the proper com port.
The com port is not
operating properly.
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