Diagnostic Indicator Display
There is a two-digit error code display located under horizontal output window near the Metrologic logo on the platter (see
figure below).
Figure 32. Error Code Display (Optional Product Roll Bar Shown)
The following is a list of possible error codes and their meanings. Some errors will require immediate scanner maintenance.
01 Reserved
02 RAM ERROR – The scanner’s Random Access Memory (RAM) is tested as faulty. Return the unit for repair at an
authorized service center.
03 PROGRAM ERROR – The scanner’s software program is failing. Return the unit for repair.
INTERFACE ERROR – After power up and any application exit (e.g. MetroSet, etc.), the scanner checks the
interface hardware with that chosen in configuration. If they do not agree, an interface error exists. Correct this
problem by getting the proper hardware interface OR programming StratosS configuration for the proper interface
hardware attached.
CONFIGURATION ERROR – The non-volatile configuration memory did not agree with the data last saved.
Default configuration data is then used and the scanner continues operating. This error is also accompanied by 3
beeps. This error will remain during operation as a reminder that this power cycle is scanning against a default-
generated configuration.
COMMUNICATION ERROR – The RS232 data line is being held active. This causes the scanner to read a
“break” signal constantly and continuous attempts are made to enter MetroSet configuration mode. A short on the
RX Data line can cause this condition. It can also be the result of a laptop in power save mode. The scanner will
abort attempts to enter configuration mode after a short timeout. The scanner can automatically recover from this
condition once the short in the RX Data line is corrected.
COPROCESSOR COMMUNICATION ERROR – The main microprocessor is not communicating with the interface
coprocessor. The interface coprocessor may be in a fault condition with the host or just not able to respond. This
error may appear when the scanner is configured for USB or IBM interface applications or during an attempt to
update the interface software through the flash utility. The unit should be repaired at an authorized service center.
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