The following steps describe how to properly install the cables for an IBM 46xx StratosS application. The scanner must then
be configured to match the host’s IBM 46xx parameters. Cable installation alone does not guarantee that the StratosS will
communicate properly with the host system.
Configuration bar codes are located in the MetroSelect Configuration Guide (MLPN 00-02407x) and the
MS2xxx Stratos Series Configuration Addendum (MLPN 00-02034x).
1. Turn off the host system.
2. Plug the 10-pin RJ45 end of the IBM interface cable (MLPN 57-57212x-N-3) into the 10-pin socket labeled Scanner Host
46xx, on the bottom of the StratosS. Refer to Figure on page 21.
3. Connect the other end of the IBM cable to communication port 9 on the host device.
Before continuing verify that the IBM cable is connected to the appropriate interface socket on the scanner. An
incorrect cable connection can cause communication problems or potential damage to the scanner and/or terminal.
Manufacturers Note: Plugging the scanner into the serial port of the host device does not guarantee that scanned
information will appear at the host device. A software driver and correct configuration settings are also required for
proper communication to occur.
4. Plug the external power supply (MLPN 46-002xx) into the 3-pin Molex socket labeled, DC Power In, on the bottom of the
Check the AC input requirements of the power supply to make sure the voltage matches the AC outlet. The outlet
should be located near the equipment and be easily accessible.
Metrologic recommends using a switched AC outlet. The switch should be located on the operator’s side of the
checkout counter in close proximity to the StratosS to facilitate calibration and service of the unit.
5. Connect AC power to the transformer. If the AC outlet is equipped with an on/off switch, turn the power on.
6. Turn on the host system.
7. Configure the StratosS to match the host system’s IBM 46xx parameters.
Refer to the MS2xxx Stratos Series Configuration Addendum (MLPN 00-02034x) under Scanner Configuration
Bar Codes: IBM 3rd Generation Communication Defaults and IBM 3rd Generation Protocols.
Additional general configuration bar codes can be found in the MetroSelect Configuration Guide
(MLPN 00-02407x).
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