1. Make sure the shipping box is top-side up before opening.
2. Remove the accessories box and check the box’s content for the following
Product Manuals
Power Supply
Communication Cables
3. Lift the scanner out of the shipping box by gripping the bottom of the
unit on both sides.
Important! Do not lift the unit out of the box by gripping the sides of the
4. Carefully remove the shipping foam around the unit.
Important! Do not turn the unit upside down or tilt the unit onto its side
while removing the shipping foam. The platter is not attached
to the unit and can fall off!
5. Lift the platter off the unit and store it in a safe location until the unit is
installed in the checkout counter.
Figure 13
Figure 14
Once the unit has been properly installed in the checkout counter,
remove all protective film covering the platter’s horizontal window,
the horizontal window under the platter on the unit base, and the
vertical window. The unit will not function properly if the
protective films are not removed.
Figure 15
Figure 16
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