The following is a quick preview of the steps required for 1st time installations. Each item is discussed in detail later in this
Determine clearance, ventilation and service access requirements.
Determine checkout counter layout taking into account package flow, cable routing and power requirements.
Choose the mounting option which provides the best cable/power access and unit stability.
Unpack the unit.
Make the appropriate countertop cutouts and install all support brackets.
Place the unit in the counter.
Install the platter.
Follow the steps under the correct interface to connect the cables and power supply.
Configure the unit for the correct interface.
Before installing your StratosS scanner, please consider the following items.
Vertical Clearance
A minimum clearance height of 5.25" from the checkout counter surface is needed for the vertical 'hood' on all of the scanner
Ventilation and Spacing
All StratosS models have a die-cast housing to dissipate heat allowing the unit to operate without a ventilation fan. Metrologic
recommends that the temperature surrounding the unit does not exceed 40°C (104°F). There should be adequate convection
and minimal heat producing equipment in close proximity of the unit. A cooling fan with a filter is recommended if there will be
a conveyor motor or other heat producing equipment close to the unit that will create a high temperature environment.
Service Access
When routing and installing the cable(s) and power supply, make sure you leave access so that these components may be
swapped easily without the need to remove the unit from the checkout counter.
When changing the StratosSWAP optics engine modules, Metrologic recommends removing the unit completely from the
checkout counter.
Power Installation
The Power Supply (AC/DC) should be connected to an AC Outlet that is free of electrical noise (clean). A qualified electrician
can determine the amount of electrical noise on the AC line. See additional information on power installation and restrictions
under the Installation: Interface section of this manual.
Metrologic recommends using a switched AC outlet. The switch should be located on the operator’s side of the
checkout counter in close proximity to the StratosS to facilitate service of the unit.
Checkout Counter Layout Considerations
When placing a scanner in a checkout counter, the following factors should be considered.
Items should flow at a distance to the operator that maximizes comfort. The operator should not need to stretch or strain
to reach for and scan packages.
The StratosS can scan a bar code on five sides of a package. The packages should flow into the scan area that provides
the maximum reading performance. No lifting or orientation of the items is necessary. A properly placed item diverter can
maximize the flow of packages.
In what direction are the packages flowing? Most checkout counters are designed for left-handed takeaway. If the
operator is facing the vertical window of the scanner, packages flow from the operator's right to left. The packages are in
queue on the conveyor to the right and the bagging is to the left.
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