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LED Light Bar 8
No Light
This troubleshooting guide is meant to help solve simple problems.
If a problem occurs, follow the steps below in sequence until a solution is found. Once the unit operates
properly, do not carry out the following steps.
If the light effect does not operate properly, refer servicing to a technician.
Response: Suspect three potential problem areas as the power supply, the LEDs, the fuse.
01) Power supply. Check that the unit is plugged into an appropriate power supply.
02) The LEDs. Return the LED Light Bar 8 to your Showtec dealer.
03) The fuse. Replace the fuse. See page 24 for replacing the fuse.
04) If all of the above appears to be in order, switch the unit on again.
05) If you are unable to determine the cause of the problem, do not open the LED Light Bar 8, as this
may damage the unit and the warranty will become void.
06) Return the device to your Showtec dealer.
No Response to DMX
Response: Suspect the DMX cable or connectors, a controller malfunction, a light effect DMX card
01) Check the DMX setting. Make sure that DMX addresses are correct.
02) Check the DMX cable: Unplug the unit; change the DMX cable; then reconnect to electrical power.
Try your DMX control again.
03) Determine whether the controller or light effect is to blame. Does the controller operate properly with
other DMX products? If not, take the controller in for repair. If it does, take the DMX cable and the
light effect to a qualified technician.
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