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LED Light Bar 8
Main Menu Options
DMX address
Sound controlled
Built-in Programs
1. DMX Mode
With this menu you can set the DMX address.
01) Press the MODE button, until the display shows .
02) You can choose 512 different DMX addresses.
03) Use the Up and Down buttons to select the required address between .
04) You can also press the SETUP button to set a different DMX Mode .
3 Channels
4 Channels
14 Channels
26 Channels
2 Channels
7 Channels
2. Master / slave addressing
01) The default setting for this device is master.
02) Only one fixture can be the master.
Disconnect the fixture from the DMX controller before master/slave operating, otherwise data
collisions may occur and the fixtures will not work properly!
In master/slave mode, the master fixture can execute the built-in programs, all the slave fixtures will
work the same.
When operating the master/slave chain, you can identify the master fixture from the slave fixtures
easily. The master doesn’t have any cable plugged into the DMX input connector.
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