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Compact Power Lightset 4 RGBW
Unpacking Instructions
Immediately upon receiving this product, carefully unpack the carton and check the contents to ensure
that all parts are present, and have been received in good condition. Notify the dealer immediately and
retain packing material for inspection if any parts appear to be damaged from shipping or the carton
itself shows signs of mishandling. Save the carton and all packing materials. In the event that the fixture
must be returned to the factory, it is important that the fixture be returned in the original factory box and
Your shipment
Showtec Compact
Power Lightset 4
Stand, T-bar, carrying
bag and hard case
IEC powercable 5,0m
2 safety eyes
User manual
LED Expected Lifespan
LEDs gradually decline in brightness over time. HEAT is the dominant factor that leads to the acceleration
of this decline. Packaged in clusters, LEDs exhibit higher operating temperatures than in ideal or singular
optimum conditions. For this reason when all color LEDs are used at their fullest intensity, life of the LEDs is
significantly reduced. If improving the lifespan is of higher priority, place care in providing for lower
operational temperatures. This may include climatic-environmental and the reduction of overall
projection intensity
Safety Instructions
Every person involved with the installation, operation and maintenance of this device has to:
be qualified
follow the instructions of this manual
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