Ordercode: 30277
Compact Power Lightset 4 RGBW
7. Manual Mode (Static color mode)
With this menu you can create a static color.
01) Press the Mode button until the display shows .
02) Press the Setup button to open the menu.
03) With the Setup button you can scroll through the colors Red, Green, Blue and White.
04) With the Up/Down buttons you can set the intensity of the colors. The adjustment range is between
000-255 , from OFF to maximum intensity.
8. Slave Mode
With this menu you can set the device as a slave device.
01) Press the Mode button until the display shows .
02) If the device has not been set to slave, it is automatically classified as a master device. All slave
devices will follow the master movement. If the device has been set to slave, it will react the same as
its master device.
7. Footswitch Function (footswitch (30267) not included !)
01) Step on the Auto Run pedal to enter the auto running mode.
02) Step on the Music pedal to enter the sound active mode.
03) Step on the Freeze pedal to pause the function; Step on this pedal again to restart operation.
04) Step on the Blackout pedal to turn off all lights and then step on it again to enter the previous mode.
Foot pedal (30267) separately available
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