Ordercode: 30277
Compact Power Lightset 4 RGBW
Main Menu Options
1. DMX mode
2. Built in programs
3. Auto run
4. Info
5. Settings
6. Sound-controlled mode
7. Manual mode (Static color mode)
8. Slave mode
1. DMX Mode
With this menu you can set the DMX address and choose a DMX configuration.
01) Press the Mode button until the display shows .
02) You can choose 512 different DMX addresses.
03) Use the Up/Down buttons to select the required address between .
04) If you press the Setup button, you can choose a different DMX Mode. Select a DMX channel mode
between .
The display will blink.
2. Built-in Programs
With this menu you can choose a built-in program.
01) Press the Mode button, until the display shows .
02) You can choose between 24 built-in programs by using the Up and Down buttons.
03) If you choose and you press Setup you can choose between 33 colors with the Up/Down
04) Press Setup again and you can set the strobe frequency ( ) by using the
Up/Down buttons.
05) Press the Mode button to go back one step.
06) With the Up/Down buttons you can choose between .
07) Press the Setup button to set the speed or strobe frequency from the program.
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