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Cameleon Flood 15 Q4
Control Panel
A) O-LED Display
B) MODE button
C) SET button
D) UP button
E) DOWN button
Fig. 05
Control Mode
The fixtures are individually addressed on a data-link and connected to the controller.
The fixtures respond to the DMX signal from the controller. (When you select the DMX address and save it,
the controller will display the saved DMX address, next time.)
DMX Addressing
The control panel on the front side of the base allows you to assign DMX fixture addresses, which is the first
channel with which the Cameleon will respond to the controller.
Please note, when you use the controller, the unit has 10 channels.
When using multiple Cameleons, make sure you set the DMX addresses right.
Therefore, the DMX address of the first Cameleon should be 1(001); the DMX address of the second
Cameleon should be 1+10=11 (011); the DMX address of the third Cameleon should be 11+10=21 (021),
etc. Please, be sure that you do not have any overlapping channels in order to control each Cameleon
correctly. If two or more Cameleons are addressed similarly, they will work similarly.
After having addressed all Cameleon fixtures, you may now start operating these via your lighting
Note: After switching on, the Cameleon will automatically detect whether DMX 512 data is received or
not. If not, the problem may be:
The XLR cable from the controller is not connected with the input of the Cameleon.
The controller is switched off or defective, the cable or connector is detective, or the signal wires are
swapped in the input connector.
Note: It is necessary to insert an XLR termination plug (with 120 Ohm) in the last fixture in order to ensure
proper transmission on the DMX data link.
Display Off after 50 seconds
When no button is pressed for 50 seconds, the display will turn off.
To light up the display, you have to press the MODE, SET, UP or DOWN button.
Once you have pressed the button, the display will light up.
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