Ordercode: 42671
Cameleon Flood 15 Q4
Multiple Cameleon Floods (Master/Slave control)
01) Fasten the effect light onto firm trussing. Leave at least 0,5 meter on all sides for air circulation.
02) Always use a safety cable (ordercode 70140 / 70141).
03) Use a 3-p XLR cable to connect the Cameleon Floods and other devices.
The pins:
1. Earth
2. Signal (-)
3. Signal (+)
04) Link the units as shown in Fig. 03. Connect the first unit's DMX "out" socket with the second unit's "in"
socket, using the 42707/427076 DMX Extension cable. Link the second and third units using the
42707/427076 DMX Extension cable.
You can use the same functions on the master device as described on pages 15 and 16 (Auto
program, Built-in programs, Manual Color mode). This means that you can set your desired
operation mode on the master device and all slave devices will react the same as the master
Multiple Cameleon Floods (Master/Slave control)
Fig. 03
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