There is a red LED and a green LED on the MS5145. When the scanner is on,
the activity of the LEDs indicates the status of the current scan and the scanner.
Green and Red LEDs are off
The LEDs will not be illuminated if the scanner is not receiving
power from the host or transformer.
Steady Green
Indicates normal pulse or continuous laser operation.
Accompanied by a razzberry tone, it indicates that an invalid
bar code has been scanned.
Flashing Green
After a period of inactivity, the ON time of the pulsing laser will
be shortened. During this time the green LED will flash. This
indicates that the scanner is in a power saver mode. When a
bar code enters the laser field, the scanner will wake up and
return to normal pulse mode.
Steady Green and Single Red Flash
When the scanner successfully reads a bar code, the red LED
will flash and the scanner will beep. If the red LED does not
flash and the scanner does not beep, then the bar code has
not been successfully read.
Steady Green and Steady Red
After a successful read, the scanner transmits the data to the
host device. Some communication modes require that the host
inform the scanner when data is ready to be received. If the
host is not ready to accept the information, the scanner’s red
LED will remain on until the data can be transmitted.
Steady Green and Continuous Flashing Red
When entering the program mode, the red LED will flash, the
green LED will turn on and the scanner will beep three times.
The red LED will continue to flash and the green LED will stay
on until the unit exits the program mode.
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