The IS1650 is a high performance area imaging bar code scanner that utilizes a
high-resolution CMOS imaging sensor for unrivaled image quality. The IS1650 is
the choice of 2D imaging scanners that delivers superior performance for
presentation and fixed-mount applications. The IS1650 employs Omniplanar,
Inc.’s SwiftDecoder™ software, for reliable decoding of all 1D and 2D bar code
Omnidirectional scanning capabilities and an extended depth of field provides
aggressive scanning of all standard 1D, RSS, PDF417, microPDF, Composite,
Matrix and Postal Codes symbology types. In addition, the IS1650 scanner
supports OCR (A, B, & MICR) as a licensed option.
The IS1650 provides a built-in object detection sensor (IR) that instantly turns on
the scanner when an object is presented within the scanner’s field of view.
Whether fixed mount or in stand, the IS1650 delivers aggressive, convenient
hands-free scanner. Firmware updates are easily loaded into Flash memory.
The IS1650 is equipped with a multitude of standard features including:
Automatic Scanning Operation
Supports Multiple Interfaces Including USB and Keyboard Wedge
Custom Edit the Bar Code Data
OPOS and JPOS System Compatible
User Replaceable Cables
RoHS Compliant
Supports Customer Software Plug-Ins
Decoding and functional capability of the unit is restricted through the
use of license numbers provided by Metrologic. Units will not support
key features such as, but not limited to, the ability to decode PDF, 2D
or OCR fonts without the proper licenses. Desired licenses can be
specified at the time of sale or call a Metrologic representative for more
information. Standard models ship with the ability to read all 1D, PDF
and 2D bar codes. OCR fonts are disabled by default and must be
specifically requested at an additional cost.
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