Integrated USB:
Low Speed IS1650-38
Full Speed IS1650-40
Full Speed IS1650-106
1. Turn off the host device.
2. Plug the male 10-pin RJ45 end of the
USB cable into the 10-pin socket on
the IS1650. There will be an audible
click when the connector lock engages.
3. Plug the USB type A end (locking with
power or non-locking, depending upon
host setup) of the USB cable into the
host’s USB port.
4. Turn on the host device.
5. The IS1650 will start to initialize. All
LEDs (yellow, white, and blue) will light
for approximately two seconds then start
to alternately flash. When the scanner
has finished initializing the LEDs will
stop flashing and the unit will beep
three times indicating that the scanner is
ready for use.
As a default, the IS1650-38 leaves the factory with USB Keyboard
Emulation Mode enabled.
For information on configuring the IS1650-38 for USB Serial Emulation
Mode, please refer to the USB section of the MetroSelect Single-Line
Configuration Guide (MLPN 00-02544).
Plugging the scanner into a port on the host device does not guarantee
that scanned information will be communicated properly to the host
device. The scanner is shipped from the factory configured with default
settings. Please refer to the MetroSelect Single-Line Configuration
Guide (MLPN 00-02544) or MetroSet2’s help files for instructions on
changing the scanner’s configuration. In addition, please check that the
scanner and host system are using the same communication protocol.
See SELV Power caution statement located on page 10 of this manual.
Figure 12.
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