Bar Code Calibration Procedure without Remote Display
4. Enter the scale program mode. Power down the unit and slide the scale program switch to the program position. If the
system is a dual cable system, disconnect the host to scale RS232 cable from the unit.
Figure 52. Entering the Scale Program Mode
See Power Source caution statement located on page 11 of this manual.
5. Reinstall the platter and power up the unit.
Figure 53. Platter Installation and Power Up
6. Enter bar code calibration mode. Use the vertical window to scan the following bar code. The scanner will beep once
as it enters the bar code calibration mode and the calibration utility will start.
Figure 54. Entering Bar Code Calibration Mode
If a razz tone sounds, an error has occurred. Refer to Diagnostic Indicator Display; Error Codes starting on
page 35 for additional information.
Barcode Calibration
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