Bar Code Calibration Procedure without Remote Display
The following calibration procedure can be used when the remote scale display is not present. This procedure requires that
the scanner/scale have a software serial number of 15001, or greater. The beeper volume switch is used to advance to the
next stage of calibration and the LED display notifies the operator which ‘calibration stage’ (1 through 5) is active.
1. Temporarily remove the platter and place it in a safe location.
It is the responsibility of the owner of the scale to confirm compliance with the relevant Weights and Measures
statutes and regulations applicable in your area by checking with the appropriate government agency before
placing a newly calibrated unit into service or removing any official seals.
2. If this is a currently installed scanner/scale in need of calibration, cut and remove the calibration switch cover seal. If this
is a new installation, cut and remove the factory-applied adhesive seal.
Follow all Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) procedures when exposing internal scanner/scale components.
3. Remove the M3 screw securing the calibration switch/button cover.
Place the cover and screw in a safe location.
Figure 51. Calibration Switch Plate Cover Removal
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