Priming the Scale for Calibration (lbs. or kg)
Prime the scale before starting either method of calibration.
Calibrate the scanner/scale after the unit is installed in the checkout countertop.
It is important to use the correct certified (lb. or kg.) field weight set when calibrating the scale.
1. Check the platter to ensure that nothing is interfering with its freedom to move. Assure that no debris is present from daily
use of the scanner/scale if it has been in service.
2. Apply power to the scanner/scale.
3. Wait 5 minutes after power up before proceeding.
Figure 38. Scale Center
4. Place the 30.0 lb. weight or the 15 kg weight on the center of the scale. Allow the weight to settle.
5. Remove the weight.
6. Repeat three times to prime the scale before calibration.
Figure 39. Priming the Scale for Calibration
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