Scanner Connections to the Host
To maintain compliance with applicable standards, all circuits connected to the
scanner must meet the requirements for SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)
according to EN 60950. To avoid potential problems, do not power up the
scanner until the communication cable is secured to the host.
1. Turn off the host system.
2. Connect the 25-pin D-type connector on the scanner’s head cable to the
communication cable. Connect the other end of the communication cable
to the host device. (If the scanner will not receive power from a
transformer, skip to Step 5.)
3. If the scanner will receive power from an external power source, check the
AC input requirements of the transformer to make sure the voltage
matches the AC outlet. (A socket-outlet shall be installed near the
equipment and shall be easily accessible.)
4. Plug the transformer into the side of the female D-type connector located
on the communication cable. Plug the transformer into the AC outlet to
supply power to the scanner.
5. Power up the host system.
Note:When the scanner first receives power, the LEDs will flash and then
the scanner will beep once. After the scanner performs this start up
sequence, the green LED will remain on for a specified time
indicating that the laser is on.
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