Metrologic's MS860i Mini-Slot™ Laser Bar Code Scanner is a high-speed,
aggressive in-counter scanner. The MS860i unsurpassed scanning accuracy and
incorporates the most advanced laser technology in a smaller, yet rugged and
durable housing. Designed to be used where counter space is at a premium, the
MS860i can be used in a variety of applications.
The MS860i autodiscriminates all standard bar codes, eliminating the need to
"key in" unprogrammed codes increasing productivity and efficiency. A code
correcting feature (MECCA)© enables the MS860i to decode damaged or
truncated codes on the first pass, making the MS860i an excellent choice for
reclamation and coupon redemption applications. Each version of the MS860i
provides three interface options, with full RS-232 protocol available on every
scanner. Three most popular protocols (RS-232, OCIA and Light Pen Emulation)
are consolidated into the standard model. For simple PC connectivity, a keyboard
wedge interface is also available. Metrologic also offers a patented Hand-Held
Option, which allows users to connect the MS941 Hand-Held Scanner to the
MS860i for greater scanning versatility.
The MS860i is easy to program via bar code menus from ScanSelect™ Scanner
Programming Guide or by using Metrologic's ScanSet™ IBM compatible
software program. Other key features of the MS860i are the auto-off/touch-on
plate and easily visible LED indicators mounted on the brushed stainless steel top
plate. An optional hardened glass window is also available. Universal adaptor
plates make it simple to replace older, larger flatbed scanners with the smaller
MS860i. Metrologic also provides a vertical mounting option, so customers can
use the MS860i as a projection scanner as well.
Most importantly, the MS860i is easy to afford. It offers a superior, versatile and
low cost alternative to larger, more expensive in-counter scanners.
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