Version “17” Pin Assignments for Keyboard Wedge, RS-232 and
Light Pen Emulation
The version “17” scanner head cable is terminated with a male 25-pin D-type
connector. Connecting the scanner to a PC, requires a communication cable and
a transformer. Connecting the communication cable to a PC, may require an
adaptor cable. This can be ordered when the scanner is purchased.
The version “17” scanner is designed to be used as a keyboard wedge. However,
with the appropriate communication cable, the scanner will also provide an RS-
232 or light pen emulation interface. When configuring the scanner for one
interface versus another, change all necessary parameters for that particular
interface. For instance, when configuring the scanner for keyboard wedge
emulation, recall defaults, select the PC type, keyboard country type and
intercharacter delay. For further information, refer to the ScanSelect Scanner
Programming Guide or ScanSet Scanner Configuration Guide.
The following is a list of the pin assignments. The pin numbers are impressed on
the head cable’s connector.
Pin Function Pin Function
1AC Shield Ground 14 Power Ground 1
2RS-232 Receive Input 15 Light Pen Source
3RS-232 Transmit Output 16 Light Pen Data
4CTS Input 17 PC Data
5RTS Output 18 PC Clock
6Reserved 19 Power (11 - 30 volts) DC
7Signal Ground 20 DTR Input
8 - 10 Reserved 21 Keyboard Clock
11 PC +5 Volts DC 22 Keyboard Data
12 Ground 23 - 24 Reserved
13 Earth Ground 25 Power Ground 2
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