Depth of Field
Through the glass at the front of the scanner, safe, low powered laser beams are
projected in a complex pattern that resembles a spider web. Each of the five scan
fields that generate the scan pattern extends to a range of 127mm (5.0"). This
range begins from the face of the scanner window and extends from the unit for
a distance of 127mm (5.0") measured along the scanning beam at the center of
each scan segment. This 0.0mm - 127mm (0" - 5") range is the depth of field for
the MS860i scanner (see figure 6).
The scan pattern is projected at an angle away from the touch plate (approx-
imately 20 degrees, overall). As the scan fields move outward, they expand. Like
an image expands from a film projector as it moves toward the screen at a movie
theater, the scan pattern projects out to a well-defined region. Any label that is
facing toward the scanner can be read at any point within the scanning field.
Figure 6
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