Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Attaching the Vertical Stand to the Work Surface
With the Metrologic stand (Part #45472), there is a choice of four directions the
scanner can be positioned for the scanner for greater flexibility. Figure 2
illustrates one direction that can be chosen. The stand requires a mounting space
of 91.44mmL x 165.1mmW (3.6" x 6.5") to stabilize the stand. Since the arrow
of the scanner in Figure 3 is pointing to the right, items must be presented to the
scanner from left to right.
1. Drill four holes into the work
surface that correspond with
the holes in the 161.93mm x
85.73mm (6.38" x 3.38") base
of the stand.(See Figure 3)
2. Screw the stand to the work
surface with the four screws
that are provided.
3. Place the scanner into the
cradle of the stand.
(See Figure 4)
4. Align the two holes located on
the back of the scanner with
two holes on the stand.
5. Screw the scanner to the
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