Installing the Scanner into a Counter
Metrologic has designed three plates to accommodate in-counter installation of
the scanner. Included automatically with the purchase of the scanner is
Metrologic part #45471, Installation Plate. The universal and replacement plates
are available at an extra charge. Contact the distributor, dealer or Metrologic to
order one of these plates.
Metrologic Part Number 45471, Installation Plate:
This plate is designed for use in counters with no previous cut outs. No routing
is necessary for a flush fit as the stainless steel top is only .60mm (.024") thick.
The cut out measurements are 180.34mmL x 175.26mmW (7.1" x 6.9"). The
final cut out must not be greater than 1.5mm (1/16") or less than the exact
measurement. For easier installation, use the mounting template that accompanies
this guide.
Metrologic Part Number 45474, Universal Plate:
This plate is designed to fit into an existing cut out up to 292.1mmL x 508mmW
(11.5" x 20").
Metrologic Part Number 45470, Replacement Plate:
This plate is designed to fit into a cut out that previously contained an MS260 or
MS362 scanner. This plate fits into the existing 293.62mmL x 245.36mmW
(11.56" x 9.66") cut out.
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