Version 17 Keyboard Wedge Scanner
The MS860i scanner (version 17) provides keyboard emulation by converting the
scanned bar code data to the PC keyboard scan code equivalent. The following
are the supported keyboard and country types:
PC Type
!AT (includes IBM PS/2 and compatible models 50, 55, 60, 80)
!PS/2 (includes IBM PC and compatible models 30, 70, 8556)
Keyboard Country Type
!USA !Germany
!France !Spain
!Italy ! Belgium
!United Kingdom ! Swiss
With the appropriate communication cable, the scanner will also provide an RS-
232 or light pen emulation interface. When configuring the scanner for one
interface versus another, change all necessary parameters for that particular
interface. For instance, when configuring the scanner for keyboard wedge
emulation, recall defaults, select the PC type, keyboard country type and
intercharacter delay. For further information, refer to the ScanSelect Scanner
Programming Guide or ScanSet Scanner Configuration Guide.
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