Configuring the MS860i-11 Scanner
Located in the Version 11 scanner are two computer boards. One computer board
is for decoding and the other for 46XX IO processing. The decode board is
configured using ScanSetâ„¢ or ScanSelectâ„¢ while the IO board is configured
with an internal DIP Switch bank.
For UPC/EAN scanning, the decode board should be set as follows:
Enable IBM 4680 Communication
Enable UPC/EAN
Beep after Transmit
Enable Communication Timeouts
Transmit UPC-A Check Digit
Transmit UPC-E Check Digit
These settings configure the decode board to beep after transmitting the data to
the terminal device driver. If the data does not clear the communications buffer
within two seconds, it is discarded without giving the operator a good scan
indication. This accommodates newer versions of the IBM device drivers that
enable/disable scanning in many different situations.
The default setting of the interface board is to emulate the IBM 1520 hand
scanner that supports UPC/EAN and alphanumeric code types. The following is
a list of switch settings for the internal interface board that handles the 46XX
SIOC communications.
There are eight DIP switches on the board that are both software and hardware
Switch 1 Switch 2 Emulation Mode
OFF OFF Port 5B, IBM 1520 Model 2 Laser Scanner
(default setting)
OFF ON Port 9B, CCD (IBM 4500/Opticon)
ON OFF Port 17, IBM 4014 Adaptor for 3687-2 to 468X
ON ON Reserved
Switch 3 Reserved (Should be OFF)
Switches 4, 5, 6, and 7 Must be ON
Switch 8 Should be OFF (Reserved)
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