Version 11 IBM 46XX Scanner
Output Format: IBM RS-485 serial input/output for the 4680 and 4690
(46XX) point-of-sale terminals
The Version 11 46XX interface can be used in several different ways. Both the
46XX terminal and the scanner must be configured to match each other.
Warning:Power to the scanner and 46XX terminal should be turned off
before making physical connection.
The 4680 and 4690 series terminals have different types of physical ports for
connecting bar code scanners. Scanner ports include Port 5B, Port 17, and Port
9? (? = A, B, C, or E). A Port 9 type connector is present on all versions of the
46XX families of terminals. That is one reason why it is the normal point of
connection for Metrologic scanners. Another reason is that there is enough 12
volt power available to operate many Metrologic scanners. If your terminal
configuration requires the use of a different physical port for connecting bar code
scanners, contact Metrologic to get particular adaptor cable information.
All devices use a common communications bus inside the 46XX terminal, despite
what port that is in use for the physical connection. Each device has a different
address that it uses when it communicates. The terminal must be configured to
look for a device at a logical address.
The IBM 1520 mode/address was selected as a default because it was the first
IBM 46XX family scanner to support UPC/EAN, Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of
5 (I 2 of 5). The Version 11 scanner formats Codabar, Code 128, and Code 93
using the Code 39 function code designation supported by the IBM device driver
for this scanner type. Other emulation modes currently available are the IBM
3687-2 Port 17 fixed scanner and the Port 9B IBM 4500 CCD hand-held bar
code reader. The use one of these other emulation modes may be needed
depending on which operating system (4680.OS, 4690.OS, POS/DOS or
DOS/RIPPS) is in use at your site.
Note:The IBM 4683 and IBM 4684 terminals have a good proven track
record of supplying power to Metrologic scanners. The IBM 4693 and
IBM 4694 terminals may be restricted from supplying power to certain
scanner models. Specifically, Metrologic currently recommends using
an external power supply for the scanner when connecting to an IBM
4694. Metrologic has no recommendations at this time for IBM 4693
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