Tally Dascom DT-210/230
4 Troubleshooting
Your printer is extremely reliable, but occasionally problems may occur. This chapter provides information
on some of the common problems you may encounter and how you may solve them. If you encounter
problems that you can not resolve, contact your dealer for assistance.
Read the following instructions before maintenance and avoid operating beyond your capacity, so as to
prevent injury to you and damage to the printer.
4.1 Troubleshooting
LED indicator on the control panel and beeper alarm
Trouble Potential Problem Solution
No LEDs on
Incorrect power supply cable
connections and power outlet
Check the power supply cable connections and
the power outlet and correct them
The printer does not switch on
Switch on the printer
PCB damaged Contact your dealer for assistance
Paper LED always on Paper near end
The roll paper is near end, the printer can work
Error LED always on and
beeper alarms Printer Cover open Close the Printer Cover
Paper and Error LEDs
always on and beeper
Paper end Reload the roll paper
Error LED blinks and
beeper alarms
Thermal Print Head
overheated Turn the printer off and resume when it cools
Overvoltage Print with specified voltage
Low-voltage Print with specified voltage
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