Tally Dascom DT-210/230
2 Control panel operation
LED indicators and key
Feed key
Press Feed key to feed paper.
Power LED
Power LED turns on while printer is powering on.
Error LED
Error LED turns on means error occurs.
Paper LED
Paper LED turns on means paper near end or paper end.
Turn off the power after roll paper loaded, hold down the Feed key while printer is powering on, then the
self-test page is printed out. "If you want to continue SELF-TEST printing, please press Feed key." would be
printed out after the current printer status is printed, also Paper LED would be turned on; Press Feed key to
continue the character printing. After a number of lines are printed, the printer indicates the end of the
self-test by printing "*** completed ***".
Hexadecimal Dumping
Open the Printer Cover, load roll paper and turn the power on while holding down Feed key, and then close
the Printer Cover, the printer would run Hexadecimal Dumping printing mode.
Press Feed key for three times to exit Hexadecimal Dumping printing mode.
LED indicators
Description POWER ERROR
Printer Cover is open On On On
Short beep for twice and long
beep for once
Roll paper is sufficient On Off Off No beep
Roll paper end On On On Short beep for three times
oll paper near end
No beep
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