Tally Dascom DT-210/230
1.2 Placing the printer
Place the printer on a solid, flat, stable surface; ensuring that the printer is positioned in such a way that it
cannot move, and that there is easy access to the control panel and paper input devices. Also ensure that
there is enough space for sufficient ventilation and for the printed output.
When selecting the printer location, observe the following additional instructions:
Never place the printer near to any flammable gas or explosive substances.
Do not expose the printer to direct sunlight. If you cannot avoid placing the printer near a window,
protect it from the sunlight with a curtain.
When connecting a computer to the printer, make sure the maximum recommended cable length
is not exceeded.
Ensure sufficient distance between the printer and any heating devices or radiators.
Avoid exposing the printer to extreme temperature or air humidity fluctuations. Avoid exposure to
dusty environments.
It is recommended the printer is installed in a position which reduces noise exposure to the work
place during printing.
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